Horse Swimming


Why Swimming

No mater how high the mercury climbed this past summer, chances are you didn’t notice a single horse in your neghborhood pool. And while horses may seem unlikely candidates for a refreshing dip, swimming programs are respected and effective methods of rehabilitation and conditioning for equine athletes.

The benefits of swimming a horse are widely recognized building stamina and muscle tone, providing excellent exercise without putting pressure on the back, knees or other joints as might be incurred on the gallops or during normal training routines for example and particularly excellent for improving the cardio vacular system.

Horses laid up through injury can very quickly lose muscle tone and swimming can provide just the right amount of work to keep them near to physical fitness saving on valuable recovery time.

About Our Pool

Our full size equine swimming pool is designed to meet all of your horse’s needs. The pool has an extended entry ramp offering a gradual descent with slip resistant mats and terraced subsurface to provide added footing.

Horses are rinsed before entering the pool and again when exiting.

Equine Swimming Price Plan

Call for Pricing Please

  • Monthly Swimming / Full Board
  • 2 Weeks of Swimming / Full Board
  • Pre-Purchase Swimming:
    • 20 Swims – (Use Anytime)
    • Daily Drive Up –

Respond Magnetic Therapy Price Plan

30 Minute Treatment – Call for Pricing