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Horse Swimming

The conditioning and therapeutic benefits of swimming horses has long been recognized by Lone Star Stables as a superior way to produce a well conditioned equine athlete. When swimming, the horse is under going intense aerobic conditioning with virtually no concussive affects. Not only is swimming idea for the competitive athlete, it is also beneficial for horses recuperating from injuries. Furthermore, it offers cool and refreshing form of exercise during the hot desert summer, when the temperatures are too high for regular riding and training.

Why Swimming?

No matter how high the mercury climbed this past summers, chances are you didn’t notice a single horse in your neighborhood pool… more

About Our Pool

Our full size equine swimming poll is designed to meet all of your horse’s needs. The pool has an extended ramp offering a gradual descent… more

Equine Swimming Price Plan

– Monthly Swimming
– 2 Weeks of Swimming
– 20 Swims
– 10 Swims
– Daily Drive Up
Call for Pricing

Respond Magnetic Therapy Price Plan

A 30 Minute Treatment – Call for Pricing. more


Options Offered – Call for Pricing

Stalls with runs
Big Pastures
(Include a morning feeding of the owner feed)
Full board
(includes stall, feeding, cleaning stall & water)
Daily board with feed
Daily stall, no feed or care
Facility rental
Nightly feedings




Cross Country Jump Course
18 – 24 inch course
2ft – 2ft 6in course
– Consist of 22 jumps

English riding lessons available
Phone: (325) 439-0873 or (325)260-4778
2 Dressage arenas outdoor
1 Dressage arena indoors

Call for practice times and days & upcoming shows.


Events will be posted here

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Angela Ganter

4834 Iberis Road
Abilene, TX 79606

Phone: (325) 439-0873
or  (325)260-4778



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